Composer, arranger & pianist

Marek Novotný s oblíbeným šálkem čaje

In 2010, Marek finished his masters in jazz composition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst – USA, where he received a full scholarship under the tutelage of Grammy award winner Jeffrey Homes. In 2007 he received the Norwegian Government's scho­larship for jazz piano studies at the University of Stavanger – Norway. Also in 2007, he finished his PhD in music theory at the University of J.E. Purkyne Usti nad Labem – Cze. From 2002–2010 was in position of assistant professor at the department of music University of J.E.Purkyne (CZE) running university orchestra writing all compositions and arrangements. During the last 10 years Marek was a member of many music projects and ensembles such as Feng – Yün Song, (along with the Trio PUO he toured China and competed at the music festival in Chang – Sha/CHINA and received the main prize). He cooperated also with such musicians as Marcel Bárta, David Dorůžka, Ridina Ahmedová, Gabriela Vermelho, Tomáš Hobzek, Petr Tichý, Luboš Soukup, Petr Dvorský, Tomáš Herian, Martin Novák, and Martin Zbrožek. (In USA): Aubrey Johnson, Carl Clemens, Paul Lieberman,Bob Weiner, Crystal Monee Hall, Marcella Camargo, Michael Mayo, Chris Kazarian, Pam Steeber, Jason Robinson, Phil McDarmott, Inbar Fridman, Marco Peretti, Marion Solivan, Rachel Luz, Luciana Pires. After graduation at UMASS (USA) he worked with American film composer Alexander Janko (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Man on the Moon). During his days in New York he studied with one of the greatest living piano players, Fred Hersch. Marek toured Germany, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, USA and China with his various projects

Novotný Marek's compo­sitions could be placed somewhere between worlds of jazz and classical music. Czech and World folklore music is also another source of inspiration for him. Marek wrote many compositions for all varieties of music ensembles. Not only for jazz combos, but also for big band, vocal ensemble, saxophone quintet, studio orchestra, and string quartet. He graduated with his „Summer Suite“ consisting of five movements for reduced symphonic orchestra.

Novotný After coming home to the Czech Republic, he immediately connected with the Prague jazz scene and established his jazz quintet including one of the best and unique musicians found in Czech. The quintet performs only Marek's original compositions. Another leading figure of the band is young international star David Doruzka on guitar. Petr Tichý (double bass) and Tomáš Hobzek (drums) together form the amazing rhythm section.