Feng-yűn Song

Feng-yűn Song and Trio PUO

PUO (Pohořelice Art Orchestra) The band was established by the singer Feng-yűn Song and three Czech jazz musicians (Michal Nejtek/piano, Petr Tichý/double bass, Tomáš Herián/drums) in 2005. The band plays original jazz, songs and improvisations, and adaptations of original Asian songs. In 2006, the band released its first CD „Wild Flower“ (Indies Records MG). The group has played many successful shows and won critical acclaim on the Czech world music scene and abroad. In 2007, the pianist Marek Novotný joined the band and Feng-yűn Song won the „Crystal“ award at the international musical fair in Čchang-ša in China. After a two-year pause, the band is back with new members. The current stylistic course appears to be less influenced by experimental jazz following more meditative atmosphere still deriving not only from Asian folklore, but also from original compositions.
CD album:Wild Flower, Indies MG Recods, 2006 Brno

Feng-yűn Song

Singer, vocal coach and therapist

Feng-Yun Song was born and raised in northeastern China. At age six, she began her intensive studies of traditional Beijing opera (acting and singing type of Old Woman). She studied singing with the Chinese opera personality Ms. Shang Hui-min, successor of the notable Shang family school, for eight years. She graduated from the Charles University in Prague with a PhD. Since 1994, she has lived in Prague and has been active on the Czech music scene.
Since 1992, she taught at Czech musical and acting schools and she has worked at the music and drama department of the State Conservatory since 2003. She specializes in breathing techniques and vocal coaching.
Feng-Yun Song´s voice is rich in expression and crystal-clear in color. She masters the alto register with sheer elegance and stands out as a dramatic lyric soprano. Her vocal range exceeds three octaves.
Her musical style ranges across genres. She adapts original folk songs from the Far East and writes her own music. Her performances include several repertoire lines:
• Chinese and Asian folk songs
• Original songs in a jazzy chanson mood
• Folk Poetry from Moravia by Leos Janacek, Bohuslav Martinů song cycles, folk song cycles by Antonín Dvořák.
• Vocal improvisation referred to as „Voice painting“.
She is the author and co-author of many award-winning theater and music projects. She released six albums under her name.
In 2005, she formed a band with three leading Czech jazz musicians – Trio PUO – which has been touring to this day. Their „Wild Flower“ album was released in 2006 by the MG Rec independent label. Accompanied by the Trio PUO she won the first „Crystal“ prize at the International Music Fair 2007 in China.
She is the author of the self-improving and therapeutic program entitled „Voice auto-therapy“. She organizes seminars people interested in singing and personality development.
She is the founder of the Feng -Yun Song civic association which seeks intercultural dialogue and understanding between people. She is the initiator, editor and program director of the Songfest.cz music festival.
More info at www.fengjunsong.cz

Marek Novotný

Composer, arranger & pianist

Marek Novotny - soustredici sedici In 2010, Marek finished his masters in jazz composition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst – USA, where he received a full scholarship under the tutelage of Grammy award winner Jeffrey Homes. In 2007 he received the Norwegian Government's scho­larship for jazz piano studies at the University of Stavanger – Norway. Also in 2007, he finished his PhD in music theory at the University of J.E. Purkyne Usti nad Labem – Cze. From 2002–2010 was in position of assistant professor at the department of music University of J.E.Purkyne (CZE) running university orchestra writing all compositions and arrangements.
Marek Novotny - Boskovice 2011 During the last 10 years Marek was a member of many music projects and ensembles such as Feng – Yün Song, (along with the Trio PUO he toured China and competed at the music festival in Chang – Sha/CHINA and received the main prize). He cooperated also with such musicians as Marcel Bárta, David Dorůžka, Ridina Ahmedová, Gabriela Vermelho, Tomáš Hobzek, Petr Tichý, Luboš Soukup, Petr Dvorský, Tomáš Herian, Martin Novák, and Martin Zbrožek. (In USA): Aubrey Johnson, Carl Clemens, Paul Lieberman, and Bob Weiner. After graduation at UMASS (USA) he worked with American film composer Alexander Janko (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Man on the Moon). During his days in New York he studied with one of the greatest living piano players, Fred Hersch. Marek toured Germany, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, USA and China with his various projects. Marek's compo­sitions could be placed somewhere between worlds of jazz and classical music. Czech and World folklore music is also another source of inspiration for him. Marek wrote many compositions for all varieties of music ensembles. Not only for jazz combos, but also for big band, vocal ensemble, saxophone quintet, studio orchestra, and string quartet. He graduated with his „Summer Suite“ consisting of five movements for reduced symphonic orchestra. After coming home to the Czech Republic, he immediately connected with the Prague jazz scene and established his jazz quintet including one of the best and unique musicians found in Czech.
The quintet performs only Marek's original compositions. Leading figure of the band are young international stars David Doruzka on guitar and Marcel Bárta on saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet. Petr Tichý (double bass) and Tomáš Hobzek (drums) together form the amazing rhythm section.

Jaroslav Kořán

Drums & percussions

He mostly performs acoustic music with his main instruments being drums, percussion and homemade percussive instruments.

His musical domain ranges between improvisation, composition and sound design of theatre, film and radio projects.

In 1992 he founded the music ensembles for improvised music: “The Forgotten Orchestra of Dreamland” /F.O.O.D./, "The Horologe of Dreamers“ (performing on his own homemade musical instrument together with ensemble) and other musical ensembles and artistic projects.

He is involved in multimedia projects because he works also in the field of fine art, photography and video. Since 1983 he precipitates in group exhibitions as well as exhibiting his own work in solo exhibitions of fine art and photography.


Petr Tichý

Double bass

Petr Tichý was born in Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ). The son of flute player and drummer Vaclav T., member of the legendary Czech R.A.Dvorský band. Petr played volleyball as a child but also invested time in his budding interests in music, playing piano, flute, trombone and guitar. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he became mezmerized by the sound of the bass. During his studies at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory under the leadership of Petr Kořínek, Karel Růžicka and Sarka Dvořák, he made his entry into the Prague jazz scene where he has remained active ever since. In 1997, he received the Berklee College of Music Certificate (Bruno Raberg, Greg Hopkins). Later he studied with his great mentor Jaromír Honzák at the Prague College of Jazz. While there, he studied also with professors Milan Svoboda, Jan Hála, David Dorůžka and Jakub Zitko, before graduating in 2009.

Today, Petr has taken up graduate level studies of jazz bass at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. He is pursuing his studies on an electro-acoustic double bass of his own design, constructed by violin maker Jiří Petlach.

In the jazz arena, Petr has collaborated with players and bands such as the Paul Novotny Trio, Peter Curtis, Bharata Rajnošek, the Jiří Kalous Trio, Marcel Bárta, the Marek Novotný Quintet, and his own experimental trio NTS (Michal Nejtek and Štepán Smetáček). His Latin American musical abilities shine in projects like the Vesna Caceres band and Miloš Vacík band. In 2007 he cooperated with the Hradec Kralové Philharmonic (CZ) and in a project with Juan Jose Mossalini and Peter Ružička. Petr is well-known for his mastery as an accompanyist, having collaborated with singers such as Sylvie Krobová, Feng-jun Song & trio Puo, Pavlína Milcová and Peter Binder, Tonya Graves, Jana Šteflíčková and Kůň, and Erisha. His versatiliy stretches into Celtic music through his cooperation with bands like Bran and J.Eoin, dance and alternative music with Floex, Alvik, SeventySun and Tonya Graves Band among others, or pop music, with the acoustic project “The best of Pavol Hammel”, Ondřej Škoch – Manon 15 and Nitky. Despite his involvement in such a variety of projects, Petr saves time to exploit his own original compositions through his project “Petr-kontra-tichý-bas” and also together with singer Ridina Ahmedová.